Dart Term

Magnetic Dart Picture

There are many terms related to the dart, Chinatungsten offers some for your reference.

Ace(s) - The double one in '01

Arrows - Slang for darts

Bag O' Nuts - Scoring 45 points in a throw

Barn Dart - The third dart of a throw that hits the target you were aiming at that the first two darts missed

Black Hat - Hitting 3 double bulls in one throw

Black Dog - The double bull

Bones - When you have a double 1 left to win the game (usually displayed on the board with an 'X')

Bull Out - Winning a game with a double bull

Bust(ed) - Scoring too many points when trying to finish an '01 game

Chips - Scoring 26 points in a throw

A 'Classic' - Scoring 26 point in a throw by hitting a single 5, single 20 and a single 1

Diaper Dart - When a dart misses what it was aimed at and accidently scores well on another target.

Double In (DI) - Hitting the double area of a number to start a game of '01

Double Out (DO) - Hitting the double of a number to win a game of '01

Grand Slam - Hitting the T5, T20 & T1 in one throw (contributed by Derek Prather)