Magnetic Dartboard

Magnetic Dartboard Picture

The game of darts involves throwing an object, usually sharp ended at a target that is set up at a distance. The dartboards of today are round. Dart game is a popular game people engage in throughout the world. It is particularly famous in places like Europe and North America. The game is usually played in pubs although today it is quite commonplace to find them being played at homes, offices, hotels and resorts. There are many variations to the game equipment stemming from the fact that the traditional model with its sharp pointed dart edges is unsafe, especially for kids. Additionally they also stand accused of ruining the surface on which the board is mounted as all stray shots tend to leave permanent damage behind. Thus we now have a choice of boards with bristles, electronic versions that are complete with digital scoring and sound effects as well as dartboard magnetic.

The magnetic dart board is quite popular because it is primarily safe to be used by children and does not run the risk of painful injury by way of accidents. They also do not cause any damage to the surface the board is mounted on. Each dart has a magnetic tip at its head and when thrown with the right hand – eye coordination, works just like the regular version of the game. The only obvious downside of dartboard magnetic versions is the risk of the magnetic dart heads coming off and being swallowed by young children who do not see its danger. If more than one piece is swallowed this could cause the pieces to move towards each other internally, causing serious internal damage as they can rip through tissue and veins.